Speedster Productions was founded in January, 1998 by David Johnson after he skated death during massive off-road auto-excursion. The car was not as lucky. This near-death experience enabled him to see the err in his ways. No longer would he spend the precious moments he has left on this earth producing mediocre parties. Instead, Dave decided to start cranking out the sick sh*t... KickAss Party 2.0 is representative of 12 months of Kick'n Ass and Taken Emails (Dave produces a seminar series of the same name.)

In September 1998, Speedster Productions named Keith Vollenweider as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Vollenweider's responsibilities include involvement in innovative projects such as CrashPad 2.1 using technology he developed at the University of Zurich. Vollenweider is also instrumental in the global promotion of key products such as KickAss Party 2.0.

"This is a totally KickAss step for the company,' says CEO David Johnson, citing the 69% increase in sales since Vollenweider spearheaded the release of KickAss Party 1.0 less than three months ago. "His experience and in-depth knowledge of the party industry is truly KickAss!"

Since his indictment, Speedster Productions is proud to have named President of the United States, Bill Clinton as Director of Public Relations. Clinton's responsibilities will include head of project development for KissMyAss 2.0, an innovative new approach to the age old game of Sorry. Clinton has a long and documented history of being able to do two at once, thus adding in the delicate planning and preparation of KickAss Party 2.0.

With the new millennium quickly approaching, Speedster Productions is proud to have recently named super computer HAL-9000 as Chief Information Officer. We have been assured that all y2k problems have been completely erraticated and that our new CIO will be able to provide enough processing power for SPI well into the year 1901.

Speedster Productions, Inc. ignited the San Jose wasteland of metered on-ramps and strip malls with its release of KickAss Party 1.0. They are dedicated to the seeking out and destroying of complacency, boredom, and all alcoholic commodities, while continuing to maintain the highest degree of pride in their quality of workmanship. Speedster Productions is ISO-69 Certified.


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