To celebrate the release of our new KickAss Party 2.0, Speedster Productions is hosting a kick off party for it and you're invited! Interestingly enough, the requirements for attending are the same as that of KickAss Party 1.0. All elements of KickAss Party 1.0 will be in full effect. You'll have a chance to kick the tires of KAP 2.0 and see for yourself, just how much it really kick's ass! First of all, you should sign up for the KickAss Party mailing list, then read the KickAss Party 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions below. If you decide that you've got the guts to attend the festivities, RSVP.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q: What should I wear?
    A: A: As with all KickAss Party products, clothing is completely optional!
  2. Q: Can I bring a friend?
    A: A friend? Hell, bring ALL your friends.
  3. Q: Do I need to be 21?
    A: Well, Officer, she said she was legal. I didnŐt know that meant she had a student visa.
  4. Q: Should I bring a gift?
    A: Gifts are unnecessary, however TheBar must continually be restocked with 3rd-Party plug-ins. SPI's favorite are Vodka, Tequila, Whiskey, Triple-Sec, Southern Comfort, Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice, Pineapple Juice, etc. NOTE: Due to legalities, VibraPleasure 2000 is no longer a preferred plug-in.
  5. Q: May I bring food?
    A: How else are we gonna have anything to puke up?
  6. Q: How do I get there?
    A: Where have you been? You haven't seen SPI's newest creation HardAss Drivin 1.0!
  7. Q: Sounds great! When should I be there?
    A: KickAss Party 2.0 is scheduled to start at 6PM on January 30th, 1999 at the Speedster Productions main campus headquarters. [See FAQ:06]
  8. Q: How long will it go?
    A: SPI had to pull the plug on KickAss Party 1.0 before the first of this year because of some Y2K bugs that had surfaced, otherwise it would have still been going strong! We expect no less from KickAss Party 2.0.
  9. Q: What if I live far away from the SPI headquarters... can I still attend?
    A: KickAss Party 2.0 is not a sleep over. The CrashPad is designed for those who have passed out unconscious. We suggest you buddy up with someone for the long, cozy drive. E-mail to the KickAss email list with a desperate plea for a ride to KickAss Party. In addition, the designated drivers will be handy to make fun of.
  10. Q: How much does it cost?
    A: KickAss Party is absolutely FREE! [+$19.95 s+h... just kidding :] See FAQ:4 and 5
  11. Q: When will KickAss Party 3.0 be released?
    A: We don't plan on living through KickAss Party 2.0, so the release of 3.0 is as yet, undetermined.


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