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02:15 AM PT 01/15/99

Speedster Productions (SPDY) Announces KickAss Party 2.0

PARTY CENTRAL, SAN JOSE, Jan 15 (Reuters) - Speedster Productions, Inc. announced today the 2.0 release of their flagship product KickAss Party. This long-anticipated release to last September's KickAss Party 1.0 has industry analysts a-buzz.

  • Building on the proven technology of 1.0, KickAss Party 2.0 offers countless improvements over the initial release: A terrabase server that can accommodate a nearly unlimited number of client connections.
  • Includes over 3150 Watt's of amplifier power, an even 2000W more than the 1150W of its predecessor. Resident elektronik-head, DJ auchtung mac stated, "Because this amounts to more amplifier power than most small countries, some engineering difficulties had to be overcome." SPI is in talks for a possible partner with 3rd-party vendor EarPlugz (PLGZ) but no official announcement has been made.
  • To outfit KickAss with as much versatility as possible, SPI enlisted the help of HP-Underground to provide the over 9GB of MP3's included with KickAss 2.0. "The selection is nothing short of phenomenal" states an HP-Underground representative (who chose to remain anonymous.) The selections range from 70's Rock & Disco, through 80's Dance and Punk, to 90's International, House, Industrial, and Grunge, comprising over 7 days (10000 min) of near CD-quality digital music!
  • TheBAR, included with the 1.0 release, has been enhanced with an on-line artificial intelligence agent MrBoston. Talks with Apple Computer (AAPL) to provide a Sherlock plug-in have been initiated. TheBAR includes TheKeg starter kit , but is designed to seamlessly integrate with any alcoholic substance the user can provide. TheBAR's programmer and resident mix-meister, Big Daddy Don, sums it up best when he says, "Bring me them 3rd party plug-ins!"
  • SPI's patented CrashPad technology is a major upgrade to the KeyDrop feature of the last release. QA officials boast, "Crashes while on the highway or streets have been completely eliminated by containing any crash within a specialized containment area within KickAss Party, aptly named TheCrashArea."
  • As with all Speedster Productions products, clothing is optional while using KickAss Party 2.0!

In keeping with tradition of issuing major releases on the cofounders birthdays, KickAss Party 2.0 is set for release on CEO David Johnson's birthday. Board of directors head, Keith Vollenweider recalls the 1.0 release on his birthday of last year:

"I don't remember much. It all seems a bit hazy, but they say I had a KickAss time!"

CEO David Johnson had nothing but praise for the new release:

"We've worked our (Kick)Ass's off to bring this new release!"

The unveiling of KickAss Party 2.0 is set for Saturday January 30th. For more information, visit their web site at:


Speedster Productions, Inc. ignited the San Jose wasteland of metered on-ramps and strip malls with its release of KickAss Party 1.0. They are dedicated to the seeking out and destroying of complacency, boredom, and all alcoholic commodities, while continuing to maintain the highest degree of pride in their quality of workmanship. Speedster Productions, Inc. is ISO-69 Certified.

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Dave Johnson
Speedster Productions, Inc.
[email protected]

Keith Vollenweider
Speedster Productions, Inc.

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