Speedster Productions Inc. proudly announces it's long anticipated release of ...

"Let us just say that this new release simply Kicks Ass!" - the KickAss Party Team

But don't take our word for it, listen to what others have to say:

"Now that's something everyone can enjoy!" - Larry "Bubb's" Melvin

"Well I'll be dipped in sheep!" - Joe-Bob Briggs

"Not even Tommy could KickAss THAT long!" Pamela Lee

"I'm still pissed off that they wouldn't let me into KickAss Party 1.0." - Willie Nelson


And don't forget these fine KickAss Party Accessories from SPI:

HardAss Drivin' 1.0 - Point-to-point custom driving instructions to KickAss Party

"F*ck the Thomas Guide Boo-boo!" - Yogi Bear

remoteAccess 1.2 - NEW VERSION! KickAss from any web browser in the world (courtesy explicit corp.)

"So real, Monica got a bruise on her ass!" - President Bill Clinton

KickAss Party 1.0 Collector's Video - Even your pathetic KickAss can own a piece of history

You show that movie of me goin' down on Bill and I'll sue!" - Bridgette Fonda

KickBooty 1.0b3 - Oakland, CA localized version of KickAss Party 2.0 Available Soon!

Beta testers wanted for localized version (Oakland, CA) of KickAss 2.0

FrequentlyAssedQuestions - Guess what...

"Ah piddy duh full dat dont reed duh eff ay que!" - Mr. T


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