David C. Johnson | President

David Johnson is the President, CEO and founder of Speedster Productions. The amazing success of their flagship product, KickAss Party 1.0 launched on September 27 of last year, has put him in the party spotlight.

Previous to establishing Speedster Productions, David served with Carrier as a heating and air conditioning repair man, serving as technical consultant to Robert DiNiro for his role in the film "Brazil."

Johnson holds several degrees from various reputable collegiate establishments including the School of Hard Knocks, The Bryman Institute, ITT and Radio Shack Home Study Series. He currently hosts a seminar series entitled "Kicking Ass and Taking E-Mail Addresses."

After his promising career path as a Lego architect was disrupted by a terrible industrial strength vacuum cleaner incident, David turned to music for his inspiration. His interest in all-things-audio led to an increasing credit card debt and multiple trips to Circuit City. David is now the most renowned audiophile in his residence. Even his ex-girlfriend continues to comment on his audio prowess, "He's got such big... speakers!"

As a child, young David was honored by the Sons of Norway as the most KickAss Nord in the neighborhood. Friends say he could often be seen sporting "wood", a traditional Norwegian wind instrument. When asked of his most memorable childhood experience, Johnson replies, "Seeing the original Star Wars in the theatre... that Leia was hot!"

Now, in his spare time, Johnson likes to listen to favorite easy listening bands Offspring and Rage Against the Machine. Dave is also practicing for his upcoming appearance on the New Gong Show where he will pay tribute to his his idol, Chef, by singing a medley of tunes from the South Park cartoon series. (By the way, it's a little known fact that David is also delightful in the kitchen. Be sure to try his white chocolate salty balls.)

Outside of work, David has a wide range of interests. He is the national snow boarding champion of South San Jose, an area known for it's rolling bunny hills and mild winters. Additionally, Johnson teaches at "CrashEmUp Car Clinic", a driving school for those who feel compelled to drive 3-4 times the posted speed limit. Anyone who would like their car prepared for an insurance claim, please feel free to sign up.

David is a renowned connoisseur of fine wines. His weekends are filled by pursuing the best Merlot at Beverages and More. In 1998, Mr. Johnson painstakingly consumed over 200 bottles of vino in pursuit of this noble goal. "I won't stop till I drop," says Johnson, slurring uncontrollably. "When I drink, I get inspired. And when I'm inspired, sh*t happens. How do you think we came up with KickAss Party?!"


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