06:08 PM PT 01/28/99


Attention partyers, the countdown is on!

48 Hrs to 'till the official kick off of KickAss Party 2.0!

Those of you staying glued to the website have expressed your disappointment at the lack of visual stimulation on the webcams. Keith, Big Daddy D, DJ Auchtung Mac, and myself as well as the masterminds at explicit corp (the folks responsible for the chat engine in remoteAccess1.1 as well as the KickAss homepage look and feel), take our partying very seriously and we listen to our customers. With that said, stay tuned to the KickAss webcams some of the following top 10 requested attractions for the webcams on remoteAccess1.2:

Top 10 Most Requested remoteAccess1.2 Webcam Shots:

10 - Shot of our Bill Clinton's (our Director of Public Relations) office couch on "Bring Your Daughter to Work Day".
9 - Shot of Jethro and Spanky's (the Stoddards delivery guys) butt crack as they take TheKeg out of the truck.
8 - Shot of 30-foot flames in the back yard when Dave says to Keith: "Now *THATS* how you get a BBQ goin!"
7 - Shot of people still missing after the KickAss Party 1.0.
6 - Shot of the computer tech's giving HAL-9000 (our CIO) a "Lube job".
5 - Shot of Big Daddy D's (mix-meister extrodinaire) favorite "Purple Hooters".
4 - Shot of Dave clipping each and every one of our neighbors phone lines.
3 - Shot of DJ Auchtung Mac's CD and MP3 selection - "My, what big 'discs' you've got!"
2 - Shot of Keith clearing out all the "good furniture".

and the #1 Most Requested remoteAccess1.2 Webcam Shot:

1 - KickAssToiletCam!

FYI, if you don't have time to peruse the myriad of content available on the KickAss Party 2.0 official website (many intriguingly hidden pages are several links deep!) below is a quick KickAss cliff-notes guide:

The KickAss Homepage!

Automaticly generated driving directions from your address (HardAss Drvin' 1.0):

General Party information (KickAssPress):

The Frequently Assed Questions for KickAss Party 2.0:

The online chat and webcam room (remoteAccess1.2 - beta)

The video from KickAss Party 1.0 (see if you we made you a star!):

About us (the KickAss dudes that brought you this KickAss Party):

Our KickAss affiliate explicit corp.'s hand-coded home page:

See you in 48 hours! - The Speedster Production Team

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